Electric motor is the instrument that consumes more electrical energy

Electric motor is the instrument that consumes more electrical energy in the segments in which its use is given more effectively

The electric motor is the equipment that consumes more electricity in segments where its use occurs more effectively. For this reason, it is essential to seek ways to make the electric motor is more economical because Brazil faces serious problems of economy and power generation.

Control operations of materials and equipment have effectively an effect on the study either mechanical or electrical electric motor l1509t and it acts directly or indirectly on their income.

It is important to find ways to ways are adopted to seek technicians to perform efficiently the maintenance of the electric motor and the result will be not only one, but all electric motors operating efficiently in all premises where the electric motor it is applied and the result is energy savings.

Another important factor to note is that about 90% of the electric motors that are installed are asynchronous rotor that is shorted.

Precautions to be take with electric motor

Know what are the precautions to be taken so that the electric motor does not suffer from excessive heat

The self-ventilated motor is a device in which the cooling air is done by means of a fan which can be external or internal and that operates when the electric motor shaft is driven.

The electric motor undergoes a process of heating when the air flow carries with light materials and dust preventing air to pass through openings or channels occur that prevent the passage of air and thus the heat is not dispersed.

It is common to find in the industries the electric motor installation in confined spaces and that limits air circulation and this causes overheating.


The electric motor that makes use of forced external ventilation may also suffer from the problems of excessive heating. For the electric motor work well you need: clean the electric motor of the ventilation holes, clean the fins, taking care of the electric motor of the installation site, among others.

Dye electric motor causes it is free from corrosion

The painting is done on the electric motor is nothing more than a coating that serves not only the aesthetic function of letting the electric motor with a better finish but also to protect the electric motor from corrosion.

The paint in general use an electric motor Coxreels 112W-1-100 is made with a bottom primer and one alkyd synthetic enamels having base by dipping. After the electric motor is mounted and that it receives the paint finish that has the same base and thus the electric motor is in its final appearance with defined color and texture.

The alkyd paint whose base is good for the electric motor because it adheres well to the surface of the electric motor and also makes the electric motor is free from corrosion even when the electric motor to work at temperatures of up to 150 degrees.

Electric motor is the most used because its cost-effectiveness is high

The electric motor’s function is to carry out the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric motor is the most widely used because it has advantages in the use of electricity that are low cost; cleaning; command simplicity, it has a simple construction; ease of transport; reduced cost; great versatility to adapt to any type of cargo, and also a high yield.

Over the years, the electric motor IDM2333T 15HP has evolved to suit different applications. Because of the need to be applied on different machines, the electric motor of direct current and alternating current electric motor emerged that can be classified as synchronous, asynchronous, single and three phase.

The AC electric motor is divided into: single-phase and three-phase linear. Single-phase electric motor out asynchronous and synchronous and resulting in electric squirrel cage motor and wound rotor and massive rotor.

Buy Electric Motor

Buy electric motor is a simple step, you just have to go the store specifies for this purpose. Today there are many companies that work with the sale of these engines, so it will not be hard to find one near you.

Before buying you need to research prices, so why there are stores that charge more expensive and those that charge cheaper, so it is necessary to go after one that has a more affordable value for what you are looking for.

The purchase may occur to the Internet, you have these two options available when purchasing the engine variable frequency m1220c you need. Searching and comparing prices you can find one that is as accessible as possible for you. The purchase must be made according to the needs of each.

Take advantage of promotions and offers that the stores are offering, without leaving your home you can see these and other information are available by internet.

Use of Electric Motor forms

There are countless ways of using electric motors, this because it can be present in various segments according to the motor model that is used. Its development was significant for various models and types arise and might meet the different applications.

With so many models of electric motors is difficult to choose which one to use in the application of interest, so it is necessary to have a basic understanding of what kind of most suitable motor for the application that you are interested. A good professional will know to inform you on this subject.


There are so many ways to use electric motor that is difficult to mention them all for you. To summarize indicate some applications that you must make use in their day-to-day, such as elevators, appliances and more. Analyze well the engine options and choose the one most favorable for you to use.